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We know how to satisfy oilmen

It`s no doubt that in petroleum machinery industry there are no random companies, in this case everything is gloves-off, all the companies has its history and exclusive projects, everyone knows everything about everybody and chooses the best for themselves. While oil and gas are the things that make us who we are - the owners of such companies have to be on the top, invest money in their manufacturing, hunt for the best engineering human resources and lately to be wide open for us, bloggers, sorry but it is the reality today. You know I found such a company and it is in my native Perm region. So, today here it is one of the leading manufacturers of oilfield equipment in Russia – ELKAM group. Also these guys are self-sufficient, in other words, they design, manufacture and sell by themselves and then they are ready to impress all the oilmen with their high quality service.

In ELKAM group JSC “ELKAM-neftemash” is responsible for designing and manufacturing. It was founded as early as in 1993. And in a year this newcomer with ambition shipped its first lot of goods to the corporation “Uraineftegas”. In a word, presently they have no superior in the sphere of sucker rod pumps manufacturing and other associated oilfield equipment. And if a client needs something extraordinary they will do this. Exactly to this factory we put on our skates. Surely I won’t reveal all the secrets, but will show what I have seen.

2. Here is a scheme showing types of pumps and how ELKAM can help.

3. Any normal manufacturing process starts with manufacturing of work pieces. Here they are sawed, cut and fitted.

4. 4. Raw materials come here both from Russia and from the hill. For example, here is the tubing from Sinarsky tubing factory (by the way, I was there recently and soon will show how everything is organized there and how the best Russian tubes are being made), seems that leaders feels each other :).

5. As known, hollow sucker rods are essential in oil production. They connect beam pumping unit with a pump. They are used for oil production and chemicals injection. Let’s start with them. First off, we came to the facility where hot shaping of connecting end of future rods is performed.

6. Metal work piece is placed to a special and unique in its way purpose-made machine. The workpiece is «needled» and widened under high temperature and pressure, as a result we get the necessary form.

7. It looks like a simple process, but it captures the eye when for a moment metal starts to play bright colours.

8. Resultant shaped end will later house the thread and cone-type sealing without any damage to the workpiece. Specialists of “ELKAM-neftemash” regularly take care of permanence of metal microstructure for achieving of strength balance of rods throughout its length.

9. After that work pieces with shaped ends are cooled off, stacked and then wait for further attention to them.

10. And here it is the same rods, but bigger and longer ones. When a string is run into a well the main length of it is formed from long 8-meters rods, the upper part which is connected with beam pumping unit can be adjusted for length with the help of those previously mentioned short rods (their sizes can be the following: 3,5; 2; 1,5; 0,5 m). Now it’s time to roll on the thread – no thread cutting. Rolled thread – strong thread! By the way, in ELKAM’s rod line there are rods even with inner thread that the competitors are not able to do yet. Thread is followed by the cone-type sealing which ensures leak tightness and protects thread from flexural stress.

The whole process of pump manufacturing is performed at five facilities: Department No.1 of machining of barrels and extensions of sucker rod pumps; Department No.2 of manufacturing of plungers, rods and sucker rods; Department No.3 of parts and assemblies of sucker rod pumps; Department No.4 of ion nitriding and Department No.5 where the final assembly of pumps and their testing are carried out.


12. Department No.1 of machining of barrels and extensions of sucker rod pumps

13. Frankly speaking, machines and tools at the factory are different – from super modern to those ones which were time-tested, by the way, I don’t like to take pictures of new “boxes”, it seems to me that they do not have a spirit, but retro is another pair of shoes. For example, here it is a simple boring machine (barrels-canal boring), but size for it makes no matter, it is ready to accept the longest work pieces without any problem.


15. And here it is the department where assembly parts for future pumps are made.






21. Also ELKAM is so tough that they don`t mind employing such robots. First one - however is on trial as yet- works from dawn till dusk without breaks for lunch and smoke breaks :)


23. FactoryLike and centerless grinding machine. Here plungers are polished.

24. Sucker rod pump operates like syringe. There are barrel, body and plunger inside (in fact it is an inner part of a pump) and valves. So going upstroke a pump intakes oil from the space under it to a body hole of a pump, going downstroke a liquid which is inside a pump is pressed through plunger and flows below it. By such reciprocating motion oil is picked up and step by step goes up to tank.




28. We have already seen where details and assemblies and plungers are manufactured; now it’s high time for barrels.

29. This is a radial forging machine which allows manufacturing of barrels by cold forging without heating. Earlier similar machines were used for manufacturing of gun barrels and now they work for peaceful purposes.

30. Department No.4 of ion nitriding. Ion nitriding make things harder and more resistant. In these cameras ion nitriding of barrels, rods with the length up to 8 meters is performed. Also here there are similar cameras for 5, 2 and 1,5 meters.

31. After forging barrels are heated in here at 500-700 °С with ammonia injections. As a result barrel inner surface is saturated with nitride and tough nitrided layer appear. Later it will protect the pump in the well.

32. It takes from 5 to 9 hours to finalize the process.


34. Same process but it goes horizontally.

35. And here you can see some goods for Perm Aviation Plant.

36. Here is one more know-how, a unique one, - magnetron sputtering. It’s close to vacuum ion nitriding but here magnetron is used. Key benefits of the process – high speed and precision of sputtering. Target product - plungers.

37. Magnetron sputtering system is accompanied by the “washing machine”. It takes 40 minutes to clean and prepare pieces for further coating.

38. Same washer, side-view.

39. Each stage of manufacturing is checked & controlled by QC team.


41. And here is another type of coating – thermal metal spray.





46. Here comes assembly shop – department № 5. Right now guys are assemb;y some new experimental product.

Now company has the new slogan, ELKAM ArtEfficial Lift, re-branding took place not so long time ago. If you want to conquer the world – be ready to change yourself! At the moment company is actively moving towards the markets of Middle East and Latin America who want not just the pump but a candy in attractive package.


Present company logo is a sphere uniting five main activity areas (Manufacturing, Engineering, Repair & overhaul of oil production equipment, well commissioning and Package supplies). ArtEfficial Lift – is a combination of “Artificial lift” and “Efficiency”, so it means – Efficient Artificial Lift.


49. Marking process.


51. Almost ready freshly painted pumps that can be painted as per customer’s wishes: they already have blue, green, red, orange.


53. Oh, how I love these retro pictures. It’s a pity that I found only one here.

54. As I already mentioned beside manufacturing site company has its repair & overhaul facility. There are over 10 facilities like this in Russia, CIS and far abroad where equipment is inspected, repaired and prepared for further operation. ELKAM does its best to satisfy the need of oilers!


56. Here you can see one of the customers – representative of Lukoil. Right now I’m trying to raise a fruitful cooperation with this company. By the way this year Lukoil celebrates its 25th anniversary. Happy birthday!

57. Another ELKAM activity area – assembly of control boxes that adjust operation mode of beam pumping units: stroke length, number of strokes, pump start/stop, etc. There are control boxes for logging tools and there is more to come.



60. I’d like to thank «ELKAM» for the invitation to their facilities and especially Alex Vakhrushev who was my personal guide during the day.

Русская версия:


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